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Utopia is located in Perissa beach on the south east side of the island, which offers a big variety in dining, night life and beach activities. Utopia follows the laid-back atmosphere and the great mixture of people that attracts them to Perissa and makes many of them to revisit every year. The location offers unique views to the colourful sunny sky and it’s an ideal spot to watch the moon rising. The Utopia establishment itself reminds of a small traditional Cycladic building vibrantly coloured and ready for new explorers to visit. Utopia team blends with the place with plenty of love and artistic touches making an effort not to interfere with its original traditional character too much.

Utopia provides you with a relaxing environment, a place to return to, away from the touristic buzz. It aims to be a place where explorers and travelers join, meet and possibly make new friends for life while sharing the Santorinian experience, an island with a magnificent, unique landscape that everyone must visit at least once in a lifetime.



Our Beach Bar - Restaurant "Tranquilo"

Tranquilo was established in 2011 and soon became an independent travelers’ hub while also being a favourite spot for locals. Tranquilo offers mostly vegetarian cuisine; it’s famous for its large portioned salads made out of fresh and seasonal local products. Beach sunbeds, hammocks and umbrellas are free for our guests. We often host live music events, workshops and a friendly spot for street artists. Be around when the moon is full for special full moon parties. Utopia guests enjoy free filter coffee up to 12 noon and 1 euro discount on every alcoholic drink.


Our Location

Utopia is located 20 metres from the seafront of Perissa, also known as the Black Beach.
Perissa is a 7 km long, black sandy beach that combines tranquility and liveliness all at the same time. An excellent starting point for hikes and exploration on the rocky mountain that will take you to Ancient Thira site through a hiking path and will also give you the opportunity to see unique panoramic views of Santorini.
Perissa is ideal for long walks on the hot volcanic sand, bike rides alongside the beach, water and beach sports and of course swimming in the clear deep waters.
It is the less explored and less known side of Santorini that you don't want to miss out on. You will find yourself spending most of your days and nights in Perissa even though the capital Fira, is only 30 minutes away by bus. 
If you decide to stay up all night or wake up early in the morning, you will enjoy stunning sunrises from the beach. The sunrise fills the sky with colours that quickly travel over the surface of the sea transforming it until the first ray hits the water and turns it into sparkles. 
Within walking distance from Utopia, you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, mini markets, public transportation and souvenir shops, so you have everything within reach and far enough to enjoy the tranquility of the atmosphere.
Our beach bar Tranquilo will offer you an endless summer feeling and the chance to embrace the energy of this volcanic land, through our positive vibes and love for nature and people.


Santorini, an island waiting to be discovered. 

The vibe is being endlessly born by the nature's empowrement, the diversity of the  colours and the natural attractions. You can see the volcano, it's majestic but as you step on the Caldera and feel the altitude  the breeze and the sun in your eyes, you will eventually get lost in the horizon. In this beautiful simplicity of using no more than your own senses, lies the Santorini feeling. Follow it on the Red Beach, the White Beach and the Black Beach where the landscapes are similar to deserted scenes from outer space. 

In a more conscious dimension you can humanize the experience by potraying  local lifestyle in  traditional settlements. The unique architectural shapes of the houses literally planted inside rocks and the small churches are combined with local activity which sometimes uses means of a passing generation. There you can observe modern greek culture and social interaction  in a authentic traditional frame that small , slow paced communities can offer. 

 As Santorini stands pridely for ages in the middle of the sea with her other Cycladic sisters has a lot of past secrets to reveal. The daughter of the great anger, as it was called due to the volcanic erruption that destroyed an prehestoric civilisation, can show you  it's remains in Akrotiri. Complexes of multi-level buildings, streets and squares all entombed in the ashes of the volcano, a perfect demonstartion of her superiority. 

 If you think differently like us, stay free and  join us to the Santorini feeling.


Chill out at Tranquilo


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